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My desire is to give you a nurturing, safe, and warm environment for you to heal and grow.                 Read More

I appreciated the safe, secure, non-judgmental atmosphere."

Client Testimonials

"I appreciated Sherry's wide knowledge of brain research and understanding of physical and biological effects of trauma."

"I do not have PTSD symptoms like I did in the past. Awesome counselor."

"You did not rush in to fill the space. And the quiet that remained-the open space- was there to hold the veritable flood of my history once I began to speak."  

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Sherry Murray, MA, LMHC

59 E Queen Avenue, Suite 214B Spokane WA 992071405 US

(509) 328-3400

Located on Queen just off Division by the Northtown Mall.

Call  or Text:  (509) 328-3400

Sherry Murray, MA, LMHC

A Safe Place for you to Heal and Grow

Experienced, Caring

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and I have 15 years experience providing caring counseling in the Spokane area, 


Tue 9-6

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Sat 10-3






if you are feeling overwhelmed, down, anxious, angry, tired, depressed, scared, confused, sad, lonely, hopeless.


December 10 is Human Rights Day, originally proclaimed in 1950, celebrated yearly, and this year the theme is HUMAN RIGHTS 365, indicating that every day of the year every person equally is entitled to the full range of human rights, and that those rights bind us together.  If you wish to make a statement, they are looking for 6 second videos of why Human Rights matter to you,which they will post online. For more information on the video, click here,  or you can go to the Human Rights website at